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Dear Nauvoo Friends - thank you for so many years of sharing your thoughts here. Nauvoo is now closed as an active website - but remains as a read-only archive.

Many of the stalwart members here have moved to a new forum and hope you join them there: New Nauvoo Forum


Literature, Logic, and the Scientific Method - Orson Scott Card at Southern Virginia University - October 18, 2013

Orson Scott Card offers an aspirational hymn of his own, "All That the Earth Can Yield," first published in the October 1981 Ensign. The sheet music to three different musical settings can be downloaded here.

Read Orson Scott Card's article A Culture Good and Strong. A speech given to BYU Management Society - DC Chapter - Banquet 24 April 2010

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Tourist Information is not associated with the city of Nauvoo. If you are looking for information about Nauvoo Please Look here.

A Bit of History Where did Joseph Smith get the idea that "Nauvoo" means "beautiful" in Hebrew? Is that idea correct? James B. Allen gives the answer.

In commemoration of the Dedication of the Palmyra, NY Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints A Brief History of the Hill Cumorah Pageant

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